Sunday, June 30, 2013


As usual, this morning while reading Fox News I happened to spot this article (go read it to see what I mean) and now I’m convinced the mistrust that is building against the supposed to be the leader of what was once a great nation is well founded. Before this article was posted some officials from different nations that are supposed to be friends of the USA have said that they do not trust Obama that they have lost faith in him.

Now with all those scandals at home and accompanied with lies and cover ups and getting his cronies to lie to cover up the truth things are even worse. Having read this article about his actions towards Egypt, combined with his statements against the Catholics in Ireland, even at home he has shown that he disapproves of Christianity, it's hard to not mistrust the president.

Now the question I would like to ask the people of the American nation is this: how could one person deceive a nation by representing himself to be what he’s not - a true and patriotic American citizen?  I’m beginning to believe all of the negative stories about him because of what he has done and not done since he was elected. And that’s why I say he had represented himself to be what he has shown that he is not - a true American.

This man will go down in history as so much of a good talker that He got elected as president of a nation even though he didn’t approve of their way of life.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is the USA turning into a communist country?

While reading the NewsMax the other morning I happened to notice an article that Republican Peter King backed the use of drones over American soil.  Can anyone tell me what is happening to a nation that championed free speech and the privacy of its citizens? 

Now it seems that free speech and privacy are a thing of the past. Not only is the government snooping on the internet but also snooping on telephone conversation of its citizens and now wanting to have drones over the American soil. Drones could be dangerous even if a terrorist were spotted (or for that matter anything that could affect the security of the citizens).

Dangerous? What if whoever is operating the controls of a drone decided to take it upon themselves to pull the trigger? How many innocent people could be killed because of someone wanting to be a hero? And how big of a problem would this cause with the balance of the nation? Could it be enough to start a revolution?

I can see having drones across vast pieces of land where there are no citizens nearby in order to watch for some kind of training camp that the terrorists could start and if that was so then action could be taken without endangering innocent people.

It's not enough that you have a "supposed to be" leader who has already proved by his statements that he’s anti-Christian (most recently he was in Ireland and started criticizing the Catholics).

Now what kind of impression does the rest of the world have of the USA? Is the USA being turned into a communist country? A third world country? Will Sharia law be the next step in the faith of the USA?  It all sounds far fetched but things keep pushing closer and closer to those crazy possible outcomes/

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who is this man?

King of a future nothing?
Who is this man? Where does he come from? Does anyone know what he really stands for? Is he really a defender of America’s way of life? Or is he a person that wants to bring down this nation to nothing but just a plain and weakened nation that could not defend itself against a country that would use slingshots to gain control of it?

That’s what it looks like to me, especially by what he has been doing since he was put in power as commander in chief of the USA. First it was spending as if there were money trees growing around the White House until it reached into the trillions. Then it was not going after the terrorist that attacked and killed the ambassador in Benghazi. Next it was getting his cronies to lie about what really happened, and trying to blame it on a cheap video, at first refusing to even call it an attack by terrorist. Plus there have been all the scandals that have been discovered including invading the privacy and free speech of the citizens in the name of national security.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The fall of what used to be a great nation

The title of this rant is appropriate for what I can see is happening in the USA. Debt in the trillions, and insufficient cuts made to cut it down,  but cuts to the military which would weaken it, a new law of Obamacare which will cost citizens more for health care and more or less discourage  doctors from continuing their practice for lack of  income that they should be getting for their work (more or less forcing them to either quit their profession or move to another country) are all symptoms of a failing nation.

With all the scandals that have been discovered instead of the president staying around to try and straightened things out, he decides to go for a holiday and it will cost the tax payers around $100 million. And for what he’s bringing with him you would think that he’s going over there to start a war. I realize that he needs to be protected but isn’t this more or less over doing it considering the amount of the debt? Is he blind to the situation the country is in?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Obama corrupting the military?

While reading Fox News I happened to notice this article:  Limbaugh: Obama corrupting military
Conservative author and commentator David Limbaugh blasted the Pentagon for telling a soldier that he could not read conservative books while in uniform – and warned that such orders are setting a dangerous precedent.

“A pattern has emerged in Obama’s military whereby this institution is also being politicized and corrupted with ideology, partisanship and political correctness,” Limbaugh told Fox News. “Obama has fostered a culture of polarity that is rippling into all sectors of our society and patriots must strenuously oppose it.”

Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a member of the U.S. Army Band is alleging that he was ordered on multiple occasions to stop reading books written by Limbaugh, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity and radio host Mark Levin.
I for one believe him because I’ve had my suspicions about Obama since I’ve been keeping up with the American news, more than ever before. As I mentioned quite a bit since I’ve been retired I have nothing else to do except to keep up as to what is going on in this forsaken world.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not smarter than anyone else and I don’t pretend to be. In growing up I’ve learned to observe people - the way they walk, the way they speak, the way they act when you have a conversation with them, the expression on their face (do they look you straight in the eyes when they talk back to you or do they avert looking you in the eyes?).

I’ve worked as an investigator and I had to learn all of the things I mentioned above in order for me to know whether or not to believe whoever I would question and notice their reaction when they are accused of something.

With Mr.Obama, since he has shown up on the political scene, I’ve watched him on television giving speeches. And I have watched and listened to his speeches carefully.  The way he acted in front of the cameras is  indicative of who he is. Don't be surprised when you hear this, he seems to be uncomfortable facing the cameras, his eyes are always going from left to right as if trying to get away from facing the cameras. You could argue that he is trying to look at everybody in the room but it doesn't come across to me like that.

In addition to all of this, my impression of Mr. Obama is not positive. He is not a leader. The lies, the cover ups, the broken promises, too much talk and no action (especially not going after the killers of those Americans at the Benghazi massacre) all lead to the same place. I’ve come to the conclusion that this man Mr. Obama is trying to present himself as a true American but I don’t think that he is. Not at all.  It makes me mad to see that a great nation has become just as tame as a lamb and the laughing stock of the world.

Those are my opinions by observation of Mr. Obama.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Killing the messenger

I spotted another article on Fox News while reading the other night and here is what I read “Ron Paul: US Gov't May Try to Kill NSA Whistleblower”   

Maybe a good idea, maybe not.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The loss of respect

I used to have respect for the USA. Since I started getting more interested in what was going on politically and reading about most of the things that are happening. I can honestly say that I can’t see this nation survive without a leader and I mean a leader and not someone that can talk like one but can’t lead like one.

This loss of respect is not only because they have no leader to speak of or because of the scandals that are happening lately but for what is going on about more citizens turning against Christianity. The results of all this disorganization seems to have spread not only to some government departments but to schools, colleges and universities. It has spread to people that are supposed to be intelligent and mature enough to educate the kids but it seems that some of them have become dictators and think that they own the schools, colleges and universities.

For quite a while now, almost every day on Fox News we could read about the schools calling the police for a kid that was misbehaving in some way. For instance a kid was chewing something and when it came out of his mouth it was the shape of a revolver and the kid was suspended. On another occasion shown in a video, a kid on a school bus had a little plastic in the shape of a revolver not even the size of a dime. They were taping a kid to his chair, putting a kid in a small room for punishment, and what about the kid that couldn’t talk and in order to spell his name it made the sign of a revolver so they wanted him to change his name because of that.

Also a video was shown about a teacher abusing a student verbally and this morning a picture on Fox News was shown a grade 8 student who went to school with a tee shirt that had a picture of a long rifle and the word NRA and when the student refused to take it off as he was told, the teacher called the police. When the police came apparently the student was charged because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut and as a result was apparently charged for obstructing the police.

This student could face a fine or jail time. Also reports about some teachers did not approve the student’s length of his hair the color that it was dyed. I could keep on with examples like this but I won’t. All of this has been reported on the news and you have probably already seen one example for yourself there. 

The point is that the president has little respect for his office or the people of America.  People have lost respect for Christianity.  And teachers have lost respect for their students and the liberties granted by the Constitution.  With all of that self-respect gone, how does America expect people of other nations to give them respect?  It doesn't add up.

My rants for today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh boy, Chocolate Anus treats.

What the....?!?!?!?
This morning as usual I turned on the computer to see what surprise I would get by checking out the news and I wasn't disappointed. Not too long ago I wrote a post stating that this world has gone to hell. Well this morning I found something that convinced me that I was right. As I was reading the news I noticed this article that I found to be disgusting and it shows just how far some people will go to make more money.

I'm trying to understand why a British chocolate company thought it would be a good idea to create "Edible Anus," a line of Belgian chocolates that comes in the shape of an anus. I don't know about you, but as much as I love chocolate this would be a turn off for me. That British chocolate company even went so far as to hire a butt model so they could make a mold of her anus.

These people that thought of that must be sick if they love butt holes. Apparently according to the site this chocolate anus comes in different colors. It wouldn’t surprise me if their next thing they would hire a model so they could make a mold from her vagina and make a mold of someone’s penis. All I can say to this kind of thing some people in this world are really sick and disgusting.

Just imagine going to a store and you buy someone a box of chocolate without checking out the pictures they usually have on a box and whoever it was given to opens the box and ends up with a box full of these chocolate anus.

You love chocolate? Or rather, do you still love chocolate after reading that?

That’s my rant of the day.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Who is the most dangerous?

Who is the most dangerous to the American way of life? I would say at this time it seems that both the Jihadists and the Obama administration are competing for top spot. In different ways of course. The American citizen has to be on the lookout for the terrorist because their lives depend on it and the administration of Obama is more or less doing the same but by snooping on the citizens and more or less taking their free speech and privacy away under the pretense of doing it for the security of the nation.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Now here is an aircraft that was built to destroy life without endangering the life of the one that guides it. This is another of man’s invention to take human/s life. And for what? Is it just to gain power over another nation or just to be greedy? This is the kind of aircraft I believe that could be built to be invisible to radar and be armed to pull off a sneak attack on a nation’s enemies.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I’ve always wondered.

Rudderless, leaderless.
Yes, I have always wondered what it would be like for a nation trying to survive without a leader. Now I don’t have to wonder anymore. I can see what the results are by what is going on in the USA.  I would call this one big mess when some department officials take it upon themselves to invade citizens' privacy and more or less think that they have become the owners of their department. They think they have nothing to worry about because there is no one to dispute their rules and if there happens to be, well the statements full of lies have already been thought up.

Well I didn't want to offer my opinion of the supposed-to-be-a-leader of what used to be a great nation but now has been turned into a nation as docile as a lamb because of the use unlimited diplomacy. I base my observation on some of the statements by this supposed-to-be-leader contradicting himself on what he has said from previous statements, where he was promising to do something to get elected and once elected he didn't keep those promises. That's normal in a politicians world, but being a politician is not the same thing as being a leader.

Lying and cover ups even when good people's lives have been lost and using that situation to blame it on something else (in this instance, a lousy video) and getting someone else to agree to lie is wrong. And that is why I think don’t he sounds like a leader to me but rather, a person that spent his life and living on someone else’s money and never had to work a day in his life.

In other words, he's been living the life of a brat. Those are my opinions as I have observed and read. If this supposed-to-be-leader has nothing to hide then he should come out and tell the people exactly what caused all these scandals and lies and cover ups. Then maybe the people of the nation might decide to have more confidence in him if he came out and told them the truth.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last week instead of going to Fox News, I thought I would go to this site to read some of their news. When the site opened, the first article I spotted was this article. Imran Khan’s demand for the shooting down of drones. Also in this same article it states that many Pakistanis are surprised over Imran Khan’s demand for striking down drones.

I realize that they are saying that drones do kill civilians, of course there would be a great chance of killing civilians and I agree with that. But if a house that was targeted next to another house or if there was someone other than known terrorist and who happens to be just a citizen but in the house where the terrorist was targeted then that so called citizens either is a friend of them or is an unknowing terrorist sympathizer. If that is the case then either they deserve the same treatment.

I don’t condone the killing of innocent people either, but the killings that are done by those terrorist of the Pakistanis citizens overshadows the killings being done by the drones. I can only think of two reasons why a person would want to stop something like the drone program. Is it really for the protection of the citizens or the protection of those terrorist to stop them from killing more citizens? When it was proven that drones did a lot of damage to the terrorist especially the leaders?

 I don’t think that stopping the drones will stop these terrorist in fact, it will encourage them to push for more to obtain what they want (worldwide Sharia law), and do away with all these unfaithful people that don’t believe in the same faith that they do. 

Those who seek to subvert Christianity are gaining ground here in Canada and the USA, but they are called atheist not Muslims. Only so far there was no mention of anyone getting killed or tortured for their belief. I guess give it time and it will come and I don’t think that time is too far away. In every country there are some people that have very sadistic minds and it only something like this gets them to come out of the closet.

That is my rant of the day.

 Have a good day and may God bless those poor lost Souls.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The war is over?

No, I would say the war is not over, in fact it’s getting worse given what the U.S. government is doing now. I was watching a video this morning on Fox News about e-mail tracking. I’ve also heard about other things - the tracking of phone calls. The tracking of phone calls I have not yet read enough yet to comment on that.

I ask again - the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are over or winding down, but the war is over?  I would say it’s far from being over and it will never be over as long as there are Jihadists in this world, or until they are shown that there is no way that they can win. They would have to be convinced that there is no way that they can win for them to stop.  To show them that they would never win would be to go after them at every opportunity and terminate their way of living a life of torturers and killers. To be fair, I must say that some of them have been brought up to be this way as they don’t know of any other way of following their faith.

At this time there seems to be reluctance of going after them and why is that? I will admit by having drones going after the leaders does some good but one of them gets killed then another takes over. I guess this would slow them down because whatever planning the deceased one had in mind, would have to start all over with a new leader.

But I would also say at this time they are winning, bit by bit. Whether atheists realizes this or not they are helping because of refusing to believe in the Christian way of life, because the jihadist certainly believe Sharia law should be the only law that should be followed by everyone.

My reasons for saying the jihadist are winning bit by bit is because now it’s affecting the freedom of the citizens of the USA by the tracking of phone calls and e-mails and not feeling free to go out without knowing if they’re going to come back in one piece because of bombs that could planted somewhere in their outing. So Americans have the worst of both worlds now - jihadist intent on destroying their way of life, and their country, and their government infringing on their freedoms more and more.

The reason for this kind of trouble is because of religion. There are too many religions and to many misinterpretation of the Bible to destroy the least little faith that an individual could have.

Those are my thoughts and my beef for today.

Monday, June 10, 2013

No laughing matter

Some might find this a weird title for a rant. But after I've explained you will realize that the title is appropriate for this rant. I could have entitled it "Loose or Wagging Tongues", but I already have a couple of posts about wagging or loose tongues regarding people engaging their tongue before engaging their brain. In any case, tonight I decided to check the Fox News website to see if they had something new to report and sure enough in one section of Fox News there was a link to NewsMax. Here is what I read.

The U.S. government has revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation under construction by publishing its specifications for contractor bidding.
It was treated as though it was just any other project the Defense Department was involved in.
According to McClatchy newspapers, the Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to host a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3, designed amid Israel's fears of Iran's nuclear intentions.

Specifications released by the department include more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls. But the project had been classified, and so top secret that Israel's military won't officially confirm its location at Tel Shahar, between Jerusalem and Ashdod.
"If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility," an unidentified Israeli military official told McClatchy.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

President Assad

This president of Syria, is He a god or what? That’s the way it seems like, the way his backers react to any talk of doing this or that to help the rebels. I would say those people that are backing him up are just as bad in their way of thinking as he is.

How many people have to be killed before this guy is put out of power? If the citizens of Syria don’t want him why should he be helped to stay in power? I can’t see any sense in the fact that the world let him massacre his own people just to keep himself in power.

The president of the United States says he wants to stop all wars. I have news for this president you will never end the wars even if you don’t want a war you will be forced in to one at least. If what is happening in Syria spreads like it seems to be happening even if you don’t want war then you might even be invited to join when some rockets are aimed at Israel and which I’m sure will happen the way it’s going now. You will be forced to defend that nation like you said you would.

Now the Russians have supplied missiles that can hit any aircraft and I’m sure they are meant for Assad’s military. If these missiles are meant to stop anyone trying to create a no fly zone then Syria has become a lost cause because the U.S. can currently destroy whatever they want in Syria without even putting any of their pilots in danger. That's not going to last. That is assuming that the president doesn’t try to use diplomacy on those missiles to self-destruct. Like I mentioned before, often, diplomacy can only be used to a certain extent and it has been proven often that the president doesn’t seem to realize that.

Now diplomacy will be mentioned from other countries with missiles in not too long a time from now,  the way things are going.  There is too much aggression among different countries and a lot of it against the USA. They all have that diplomacy safety net that Obama has given them. If this war in Syria spread like it looks certain to do, then other countries like Iran and other terrorist groups will do their utmost to include the USA in their plans of attack. And none of your diplomacy will stop that because you depended too much on your ideas of diplomacy. Because the terrorist are not scared of the USA anymore because the Americans have diplomacy "on their side" when in reality it is working against America.  President Assad is the first of many other similar problems to come for America, and with diplomacy only, America is not ready for any of them.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wondering who is charge? Me too.

Like I have mentioned before, I don’t care for politics that much, but I still like to read about it especially the politics of the United States Keeping on reading about the politics of the USA it has shown me what happens to a nation that doesn’t have a real leader. Not having a strong leader allows some of the officials in some departments think that they can ignore the rules that were set out for their department and go it alone with their own ideas of how their department should be handled.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What America needs right now - an election

I would say what the United States needs now is an election. My reason for saying this is lack of leadership, the ignoring certain parts of the Constitution, and certain departments taking it upon themselves to make their own rules (to the point of invading the privacy of certain citizens,  and especially reporters while using national security as an excuse to do so).

I will say to you, the people of America, that you have elected in the last election a leader of your country who is a person full of desire for diplomacy and who is all talk but no action when diplomacy fails. 

Transparency that was promised during the election is long gone the way things are now with the scandals and lies. I actually think that the person that made that statement about transparency makes me think of a person that hears of a word and at the first opportunity uses it without knowing what it means. To get elected these politicians will say anything that they think will get them elected.

To be fair to the American people, you didn't have much of a choice. But the notion that the president is a leader, and transparent and honest are crumbling day by day with the contradictions (even by the president himself) and all the lies and cover ups. I would say that the last election was a waste of time or just an practice for the next election.

On the other hand, if there was a real leader in the White House right now, then a lot of people that are sitting on their butts ignoring the rules designated for each department and causing scandals like. A real leader would fire them right away unless that supposed to be leader has something to do with everything that is going on and afraid to fire them in case it back fires on him.

That is my rant and opinions of the day.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Was Bush a warmonger? The truth as I see it.

There were quite a number of countries that used to say that the United States had a war monger president George W Bush was the president of the country.  I don’t think that he was a warmonger. He was just showing that he really loved his country and would defend it at all costs. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


For a change from rants, here's a song.  It's a modern remix of an old 1970s song Dreams. I guess if you like it you might be one of those people who blast it out of their car or house...

It's interesting when the vocals finally kick in around two minutes how they can play with the vocals to really change the sound of the song.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retired USS Cole commander on counterterrorism policy

While reading Fox News I happened to see this video. The US claims Iran hacked energy forms.

Now this just shows that Iran has no intentions of stopping from finding ways to get back at the USA and to do away with IsraĆ«l . It seems that they realize because they have been getting away with everything, so as far as they know nothing will be done to stop them. They will keep on trying and trying until they succeed and who’s going to stop them? Because it’s already been proven that diplomacy doesn’t mean a thing to them except to give them time to achieve the goals that they want. I've said this all before, but the president doesn't seem to realize any of it.

This nation (Iran) should be given a warning or shown what can happen if they don’t stop their push for power and if not they will be the cause of a third world war. I think their only goal in life is to kill and kill even to the extent of supplying weapons to other terrorist to use to kill. If that is their objective then they do not deserve to be in this world and anyone nation fighting to help them military wise are just as guilty as they are and deserve the same thing.

I’m not too much of a violent person, but when action is needed and all possible means and ways to avert violence have been used without any solution, then it’s time for action at least a demonstration of what could happen. I forgot to mention also that they have nothing to fear from the USA because they know that nation used to be like a lion but it is now turned into a nation that is just as tame as a lamb.

It's too bad because the power is there but there’s too much using of a no limit diplomacy. I say if things keep on going like it is now then it’s time to jump the gun before the terrorist nation starts it when they are good and ready. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stop all wars

While reading Fox News I ran across this article again about the president of the USA wanting to stop all wars. Well Mr. President, I keep on hearing about diplomacy and if you think diplomacy will stop these jihadist by using sanctions and diplomacy you will never succeed. First off, how can you sanction just running groups that have nothing but weapons and machetes? In other words weapons that they can carry around? Sure you can sanction Iran that supplies most of the weapons to those jihadists but that won’t stop them from getting their weapons from someone else.

You talk about freedom Mr. President but now anyone that travels by air their privacy is gone by the checking that is done at the airports on their bodies. Everyday Americans have to keep their eyes open for something out of the ordinary because of dangers of bombs that could be installed somewhere like bridges, or keep an eye out for poison in the drinking water.  Citizens walking around never know if they are going to be blown up. How about the mail and those letters with ricin or bomb letters from one day to another? Is that what you call freedom? When a person/s cannot even open a letter without taking a chance of getting blown up, that's not freedom and you are not doing your job protecting it.

No Mr. President freedom is taken away from the citizens when they have to worry about when they go out somewhere if they’re going to make it back home or not or end up in pieces like what happen in Boston. These jihadists deserve the same treatment that they like to hand out and they will never stop.  But bit by bit all the freedoms of the citizens will have to be forfeited because of these killers. Why? Because you are not being proactive enough in rooting out and defeating terrorism.  I will also say that thinking that Al-Qaida has been weakened is just foolish. They are just as strong as ever. Iran seems to be the biggest supplier of weapons to those people and as long as Iran does that and only diplomacy is used they have nothing to fear.
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