Friday, May 31, 2013

The time has come

Yes it seems the time has come for some ignorant people to open their doors and windows and turn on their music full blast. Don’t get me wrong, I like music and I like music with a deep base sometimes. But with some people it seems, there should not be any treble sound in what they are listening to, so they turn up as much base as they can and all you get is 

boom, boom and boom 

and you just know that they want other people to listen the kind of music they like.

What gets me the most, is that some people always play the same CD over and over. I’m just wondering if its because they can’t afford to buy any more, or are they ignorant of the fact that they do sell other CDs with music/  Or maybe they just don’t know that what they are listening to is just a repeat and repeat of the same thing.

I’m listening to one at this time. On the street behind my house, three houses up on the corner of the intersection, that’s where the racket is coming from. I know because I went in my back yard and I could see the doors and windows wide open.

Then come the ones with the car speakers up loud. Some are newer cars and some are wrecks and mostly in these wrecks of small cars, they have over-sized speakers that almost fill out the back of the car. And of course they have this deep base music on full blast and some of them are so loud that they rattle the windows of a house when they go by. Surprisingly it is not only teenagers, but people of all ages and this includes old antiques in convertibles trying to attract younger girls. Then you get the ones that will pull up to a house and leaves the music blasting even when they go in to see a friend.

What is wrong with people?

Now anyone caught smoking when there are kids in a car or on the cell phone or are texting or have a muffler that is too loud they get a fine.  But what about these people with music so loud that you can’t hear a siren or a car horn? Isn’t this just has dangerous as the other things I mentioned? Those things can be just as much responsible to cause an accident.

That’s my beef for today.

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