Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ungrateful individual

This is what I call ungrateful; the grieving mother of those two bombers who were her kids. I was listening to a video of her ranting about how America took her kids. What is wrong with this person? Her family in part  immigrates to the USA and receives welfare. Her kids were well educated and the thanks America gets - beyond the bombing in Boston - is getting blamed for taking her kids. Nothing would have happen to those two kids if they hadn’t turned out to be terrorists planting two bombs that were responsible for killing and dismembering people. I also notice that she never mentioned or offered any apology to the families of the people that got killed or dismembered.

That family immigrated to America for a better life were given every opportunity to have a good life and if she would have raised her kids and make them understand the life they could have had while in America, she would still have them. These types of people we don’t need in the USA or in Canada. People like that immigrate to other countries because they feel that they can have a better life, but they will not adhere to the laws or the culture of whatever country to which they immigrate.

I blame the governments for not screening these people better to make sure that they don’t turn out to be sympathizers, or belong to any terrorist groups and if there are any doubts, they should be refused entry to the country of where they want to immigrate. I am sure that in the USA and here in Canada as well there are sympathizers to terrorist groups and I say these people should be sent back to where ever they came from and if that was done  it would minimize attacks on innocent people.

To be honest not all immigrants are like that, here in Canada there are some of them that I know that have made a good life for themselves and try their very best to become good citizens of this country.

That is my rant of the day.

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