Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taking away the guns

President Obama seems driven about getting rid of guns.  Why is he so eager to do that?  I was reading something on Fox News and something in the comments provided a disturbing possibility.
As the story goes put the frog (live) into a pot of cool water and gradually turn up the heat. Before the frog knows it, it's too late. Take that same frog and drop it in a pan of boiling water and it will jump out. You can apply that same principle to ANYTHING from ANY "PARTY", "Right" or "Left". Also just a quick bit of WORLD history. What does most (if not all) of history "Bad Men" (Hitler, Mussolini etc...) have in common? Before they really started to oppress (kill) the people in their country, they took away the people's ability to protect themselves, specifically their GUNS. At which point anybody that fought back against a repressive government instantly became an "Enemy of the State”. So currently you are correct, nobody said “Enemy of the State”. To quote Frank again, “Just give it time.”
If that's what's going on then the USA is in big trouble.

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