Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Egotistical people

I'm guessing that most everyone has met someone with a big ego. This type of person can be the most hateful sort of person in the world when their over-sized ego kicks in. If you try to explain anything to them, they already know everything and in their eyes no one else has a clue. To their way of thinking, they are never wrong about anything and to get along with them you have to agree with pretty much everything they say, even though sometimes you know that if you agree with them just to keep the peace, it makes you feel like you are allowing yourself to be controlled by an idiot that more or less claims to know everything.

I know a person that thinks he’s above everyone else in intelligence but as soon as he opens his mouth to speak, you can tell that whatever he says is his ego making his tongue wag just like a dog wags it's tail. There is not a phrase that comes out of that egotistical mouth without embellishing it with foul words.  If I try to correct him by explaining that it doesn't make him seem any smarter or more intelligent by using that kind of language or better than the person that he is having a conversation with it doesn't really help.  After all, I'm just one of those people without a clue.

It’s too bad that this person I’m talking about is otherwise a good-hearted person.  If he can do anything for you he will do it, but that big ego and language (even in his writing) makes him out to be an ignorant person.  I would help him with anything at times he makes me so damn mad at times that I won’t mention the thoughts that comes to my mind. Don’t get me wrong, he does have a good intellect, if only he would learn to control that big ego.

That is my rant today about big ego people.

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