Monday, May 13, 2013

What is going on?

Like Marvin Gaye, I want to know what's going on.
If I was an American citizen that’s what I would be asking myself. My reason for saying this is because of all of the reports about lies being told by some politicians as to what happened in Benghazi and also in Boston.  There are so many things wrong with what happened in Benghazi I don't even know where to begin.  

  • Think of all of the problems and you too will wonder what is going on.
  • The failure of not sending any help to the consulate/diplomatic office while it was under attack.
  • The failure of not doing any follow up on the report supposedly sent by the Russians on the terrorist bombers (or I should say by the mother and one of the bombers and what the Russians discovered).
  • The failure of the government to properly tell the American people what happened in Benghazi (the lies they told and are still clearly telling)

The way I see it the terrorist can pretty well do whatever they want and nothing will be done about it except talk and talk. That's true for terrorists of all types.  What about the one responsible for the assault on the American embassy in Benghazi?  According to a report on Fox News, he’s walking around free in Libya. 

The question I’m asking myself why wasn't he arrested in Libya (after of course, some diplomatic conversation with the Libya authorities)? And why hasn't he been charged for the crime in Libya or been extradited to the USA to have him brought to justice?

What about these reports about the whistle blowers being threatened if they said anything about Benghazi and the government's ineffective reaction? There is a video on Fox of a whistle blower who was in Benghazi and he apparently watched everything as it was happening and said that help could have been sent in 4 to 6 hours. So why didn't it get sent?

I don’ know the answers but to me it looks like there is a big cover up in everything that has been happening lately and if I was an American citizen I would have lost all respect for the officials in the White house.

All I can say to this – If that would have been Mr. G. Bush things would have been very different and the terrorists wouldn’t have gotten away with what they had done. He was criticize for a lot of things but he was there to help when help was needed. Not one of those terrorist would have gotten away.  Bush would have sent help down there in a hurry even if they had arrived too late at least it would have shown that Americans were protected to the full possibility available especially at an outpost where attacks could have happened at any time.

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