Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What else can go wrong?

What else can go wrong? That is my question of the day. I must say to any Americans reading this - you have made a bad choice by electing the president that you have now. And that worries me. Whatever happens in the USA it bounces back here in Canada.


Okay, I will admit, according to different reports the economy wasn't too good when former President Bush was the in charge but now it seems to be getting worse. New rules, too much spending, little respect for the Constitution, and Obama wanting to ignore the constitution to make his own laws (like Obamacare, which I’m sure will eventually draw the economy down to zero as some citizens (doctors) will move out because of their wages) and long line ups at the unemployment offices because of being laid off because their employer could not afford the extra expenditure for Obama care.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a great rush by some citizens of the USA to immigrate to Canada. Taking the citizens' weapons away at a time when the terrorists think that they can get away with everything and be sure that the citizens are without weapons is a mistake.  And also citizens want to protect themselves against a government that seems to want to run people’s lives.

Also there is too much talking and not enough action to show that the USA will not stand for the killings or kidnapping of the American people. Also it seems lies that are being told, especially about what happened in Benghazi.  That's the cover up that proves that this government cannot be trusted to tell the truth, especially when people’s lives were taken away and there was apparently a lack of communication among the ones responsible to send out security to help the Americans working in dangerous countries.

I mentioned in a previous post that Islam will be taking over in not too long a time and it seems that there is nothing to stop them from doing so.  I can tell you that no diplomacy will stop them because diplomacy without action to back it up is not worth nothing but if there is a little bit of action to back the talk then things work out differently. Those are my opinions.

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