Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is to become of the USA?

The USA has become so much like a lamb that according to some reports, a lot of trust in the USA has been lost around the world. Prior to president Obama, the USA was feared by terrorist because they knew that they would not get away with killing Americans,  They knew they would be hunted down until apprehended and justice would be served.  And if they couldn't be found the hunt would be on until whoever was responsible answered for their crime.

Now these same terrorist groups are laughing because they know nothing will happen to them. They are more or less free to keep on with their life, just like the ones that are known to be involved in the Benghazi massacre. Yes, I call it massacre - that’s what it was. And a couple of them that were in that group of attackers are apparently walking free in Libya.  In fact there was a video of them shown on Fox News recently.

Now what I’m wondering is this: was there anything done to get these people extradited to the USA to face justice? Was diplomacy used with the officials in Libya to extradite these people? I guess we would have heard about it if that was in the works, wouldn’t we? 

Now I would like to re-offer my opinion on diplomacy, which I have stated in the past.

I think these terrorist realize now that before any action is taken, diplomatic efforts will be used to whatever extent is possible, and then some.  So in other words, they feel that they are protected because even if diplomacy fails no action will be taken. And so far it’s been proven that I'm right/  Look to Iran and all the talks that have failed in getting them to stop their nuclear weapons program.  

Diplomacy may have worked for North Korea but to me it only worked because they can depend on China to help them out and they would not want to lose China's friendship.  If that weren’t so, I think there would be a war going on by now. They wouldn’t last too long but a lot of people would have been killed.  And for what? For a leader that suffers from a bad case of delusion and paranoia?

Diplomacy has become an excuse for terrorists and rogue nations to act brazenly in the face of no meaningful push-back.  What is to become of the USA? Think France in May 1940.

That’s my rant of today.

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