Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stop all wars

While reading Fox News I ran across this article again about the president of the USA wanting to stop all wars. Well Mr. President, I keep on hearing about diplomacy and if you think diplomacy will stop these jihadist by using sanctions and diplomacy you will never succeed. First off, how can you sanction just running groups that have nothing but weapons and machetes? In other words weapons that they can carry around? Sure you can sanction Iran that supplies most of the weapons to those jihadists but that won’t stop them from getting their weapons from someone else.

You talk about freedom Mr. President but now anyone that travels by air their privacy is gone by the checking that is done at the airports on their bodies. Everyday Americans have to keep their eyes open for something out of the ordinary because of dangers of bombs that could be installed somewhere like bridges, or keep an eye out for poison in the drinking water.  Citizens walking around never know if they are going to be blown up. How about the mail and those letters with ricin or bomb letters from one day to another? Is that what you call freedom? When a person/s cannot even open a letter without taking a chance of getting blown up, that's not freedom and you are not doing your job protecting it.

No Mr. President freedom is taken away from the citizens when they have to worry about when they go out somewhere if they’re going to make it back home or not or end up in pieces like what happen in Boston. These jihadists deserve the same treatment that they like to hand out and they will never stop.  But bit by bit all the freedoms of the citizens will have to be forfeited because of these killers. Why? Because you are not being proactive enough in rooting out and defeating terrorism.  I will also say that thinking that Al-Qaida has been weakened is just foolish. They are just as strong as ever. Iran seems to be the biggest supplier of weapons to those people and as long as Iran does that and only diplomacy is used they have nothing to fear.

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