Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last week instead of going to Fox News, I thought I would go to this site to read some of their news. When the site opened, the first article I spotted was this article. Imran Khan’s demand for the shooting down of drones. Also in this same article it states that many Pakistanis are surprised over Imran Khan’s demand for striking down drones.

I realize that they are saying that drones do kill civilians, of course there would be a great chance of killing civilians and I agree with that. But if a house that was targeted next to another house or if there was someone other than known terrorist and who happens to be just a citizen but in the house where the terrorist was targeted then that so called citizens either is a friend of them or is an unknowing terrorist sympathizer. If that is the case then either they deserve the same treatment.

I don’t condone the killing of innocent people either, but the killings that are done by those terrorist of the Pakistanis citizens overshadows the killings being done by the drones. I can only think of two reasons why a person would want to stop something like the drone program. Is it really for the protection of the citizens or the protection of those terrorist to stop them from killing more citizens? When it was proven that drones did a lot of damage to the terrorist especially the leaders?

 I don’t think that stopping the drones will stop these terrorist in fact, it will encourage them to push for more to obtain what they want (worldwide Sharia law), and do away with all these unfaithful people that don’t believe in the same faith that they do. 

Those who seek to subvert Christianity are gaining ground here in Canada and the USA, but they are called atheist not Muslims. Only so far there was no mention of anyone getting killed or tortured for their belief. I guess give it time and it will come and I don’t think that time is too far away. In every country there are some people that have very sadistic minds and it only something like this gets them to come out of the closet.

That is my rant of the day.

 Have a good day and may God bless those poor lost Souls.

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