Saturday, June 22, 2013

Killing the messenger

I spotted another article on Fox News while reading the other night and here is what I read “Ron Paul: US Gov't May Try to Kill NSA Whistleblower”   

Maybe a good idea, maybe not.
Now when I read this I was wondering what was going on but then I remembered where this man Mr. Snowden was working and since the Russians might be prepared to offer him asylum if he asked for it, then they might think that he knows about other secrets that would involve the security of the USA. I couldn’t say if he does or does not.  If he were to be found before he decides to ask for asylum in Russia, wouldn’t it be better to try and bring him home to be tried as a potential traitor to the nation? Instead of killing him and showing the world that the USA doesn’t kill its citizens the first chance it gets to do so, Good reason or not.

Whatever the case, to his view, he was doing the citizens of America a favor. But if be had knowledge of anything concerning the security of the nation, the question is: could He stand up to torture to keep that information? Would he need to or would be ready to volunteer the details anyway? I guess only the officials of the NSA would know if he had any knowledge of anything concerning national security. I would say if Mr. Snowden can be found close enough to be shot but not close enough to grab, then he could be followed to where he could be grabbed and brought home to face justice. 

Another thing to look at would be whether he divulged his knowledge about some secrets just to get accepted by whatever country he was seeking asylum in. I guess that is unknown. To make sure he doesn’t, I guess the safest way as a last resort would be to shoot him. That might save a lot of lives or an entire nation depending on what He had to disclose to gain asylum. 

I wrote this just in case he does get killed then the ones who would have read this would know the reasons it might have happened and would not put up a fuss just because an American was killed by his own government.  Killing a traitor is not not new.  It's not any easy decision but sometimes it is necessary.

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