Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Was Bush a warmonger? The truth as I see it.

There were quite a number of countries that used to say that the United States had a war monger president George W Bush was the president of the country.  I don’t think that he was a warmonger. He was just showing that he really loved his country and would defend it at all costs. 

He was blamed for a lot of things but, at least he showed that he was active and possessed a will to go after the terrorist and they feared him. This was prior to Obama. Now it seems that American life doesn't seem to be worth too much.  It is as if some officials in charge do not like their American counterparts. I don’t have to explain because all the scandals tell it all.

So Bush wasn't a warmonger but what he did while causing some antipathy towards America, certainly had respect for what America could do accompanying it.

Here is what I mean. Fox News had a story that the Pakistani government claims that it was Mr. Panetta from the intelligence department who is to blame for the doctor that helped America to get Osama Bin Laden because he (Panetta) talked too much. They are blaming America for his incarceration.  And with no fear of reprisals from America, they are in no hurry to help this doctor.  

Now do you think efforts will be made from the White House to get this doctor out of the Pakistani prison? I don’t think so. He is a Christian and the way things are about Christianity in many Muslim nations, it sure doesn’t look that help is on the way from the White House soon.  If there was, it would be reported in the news and so far I haven’t read a thing about it. But if he was anything else besides being a Christian I believe He would have all the help possible to get him freed.

That’s my beef for today and my opinion.  Take it or leave it.

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