Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The war is over?

No, I would say the war is not over, in fact it’s getting worse given what the U.S. government is doing now. I was watching a video this morning on Fox News about e-mail tracking. I’ve also heard about other things - the tracking of phone calls. The tracking of phone calls I have not yet read enough yet to comment on that.

I ask again - the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are over or winding down, but the war is over?  I would say it’s far from being over and it will never be over as long as there are Jihadists in this world, or until they are shown that there is no way that they can win. They would have to be convinced that there is no way that they can win for them to stop.  To show them that they would never win would be to go after them at every opportunity and terminate their way of living a life of torturers and killers. To be fair, I must say that some of them have been brought up to be this way as they don’t know of any other way of following their faith.

At this time there seems to be reluctance of going after them and why is that? I will admit by having drones going after the leaders does some good but one of them gets killed then another takes over. I guess this would slow them down because whatever planning the deceased one had in mind, would have to start all over with a new leader.

But I would also say at this time they are winning, bit by bit. Whether atheists realizes this or not they are helping because of refusing to believe in the Christian way of life, because the jihadist certainly believe Sharia law should be the only law that should be followed by everyone.

My reasons for saying the jihadist are winning bit by bit is because now it’s affecting the freedom of the citizens of the USA by the tracking of phone calls and e-mails and not feeling free to go out without knowing if they’re going to come back in one piece because of bombs that could planted somewhere in their outing. So Americans have the worst of both worlds now - jihadist intent on destroying their way of life, and their country, and their government infringing on their freedoms more and more.

The reason for this kind of trouble is because of religion. There are too many religions and to many misinterpretation of the Bible to destroy the least little faith that an individual could have.

Those are my thoughts and my beef for today.

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