Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is the USA turning into a communist country?

While reading the NewsMax the other morning I happened to notice an article that Republican Peter King backed the use of drones over American soil.  Can anyone tell me what is happening to a nation that championed free speech and the privacy of its citizens? 

Now it seems that free speech and privacy are a thing of the past. Not only is the government snooping on the internet but also snooping on telephone conversation of its citizens and now wanting to have drones over the American soil. Drones could be dangerous even if a terrorist were spotted (or for that matter anything that could affect the security of the citizens).

Dangerous? What if whoever is operating the controls of a drone decided to take it upon themselves to pull the trigger? How many innocent people could be killed because of someone wanting to be a hero? And how big of a problem would this cause with the balance of the nation? Could it be enough to start a revolution?

I can see having drones across vast pieces of land where there are no citizens nearby in order to watch for some kind of training camp that the terrorists could start and if that was so then action could be taken without endangering innocent people.

It's not enough that you have a "supposed to be" leader who has already proved by his statements that he’s anti-Christian (most recently he was in Ireland and started criticizing the Catholics).

Now what kind of impression does the rest of the world have of the USA? Is the USA being turned into a communist country? A third world country? Will Sharia law be the next step in the faith of the USA?  It all sounds far fetched but things keep pushing closer and closer to those crazy possible outcomes/

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