Sunday, June 30, 2013


As usual, this morning while reading Fox News I happened to spot this article (go read it to see what I mean) and now I’m convinced the mistrust that is building against the supposed to be the leader of what was once a great nation is well founded. Before this article was posted some officials from different nations that are supposed to be friends of the USA have said that they do not trust Obama that they have lost faith in him.

Now with all those scandals at home and accompanied with lies and cover ups and getting his cronies to lie to cover up the truth things are even worse. Having read this article about his actions towards Egypt, combined with his statements against the Catholics in Ireland, even at home he has shown that he disapproves of Christianity, it's hard to not mistrust the president.

Now the question I would like to ask the people of the American nation is this: how could one person deceive a nation by representing himself to be what he’s not - a true and patriotic American citizen?  I’m beginning to believe all of the negative stories about him because of what he has done and not done since he was elected. And that’s why I say he had represented himself to be what he has shown that he is not - a true American.

This man will go down in history as so much of a good talker that He got elected as president of a nation even though he didn’t approve of their way of life.

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