Sunday, June 23, 2013

Obama corrupting the military?

While reading Fox News I happened to notice this article:  Limbaugh: Obama corrupting military
Conservative author and commentator David Limbaugh blasted the Pentagon for telling a soldier that he could not read conservative books while in uniform – and warned that such orders are setting a dangerous precedent.

“A pattern has emerged in Obama’s military whereby this institution is also being politicized and corrupted with ideology, partisanship and political correctness,” Limbaugh told Fox News. “Obama has fostered a culture of polarity that is rippling into all sectors of our society and patriots must strenuously oppose it.”

Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a member of the U.S. Army Band is alleging that he was ordered on multiple occasions to stop reading books written by Limbaugh, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity and radio host Mark Levin.
I for one believe him because I’ve had my suspicions about Obama since I’ve been keeping up with the American news, more than ever before. As I mentioned quite a bit since I’ve been retired I have nothing else to do except to keep up as to what is going on in this forsaken world.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not smarter than anyone else and I don’t pretend to be. In growing up I’ve learned to observe people - the way they walk, the way they speak, the way they act when you have a conversation with them, the expression on their face (do they look you straight in the eyes when they talk back to you or do they avert looking you in the eyes?).

I’ve worked as an investigator and I had to learn all of the things I mentioned above in order for me to know whether or not to believe whoever I would question and notice their reaction when they are accused of something.

With Mr.Obama, since he has shown up on the political scene, I’ve watched him on television giving speeches. And I have watched and listened to his speeches carefully.  The way he acted in front of the cameras is  indicative of who he is. Don't be surprised when you hear this, he seems to be uncomfortable facing the cameras, his eyes are always going from left to right as if trying to get away from facing the cameras. You could argue that he is trying to look at everybody in the room but it doesn't come across to me like that.

In addition to all of this, my impression of Mr. Obama is not positive. He is not a leader. The lies, the cover ups, the broken promises, too much talk and no action (especially not going after the killers of those Americans at the Benghazi massacre) all lead to the same place. I’ve come to the conclusion that this man Mr. Obama is trying to present himself as a true American but I don’t think that he is. Not at all.  It makes me mad to see that a great nation has become just as tame as a lamb and the laughing stock of the world.

Those are my opinions by observation of Mr. Obama.

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