Thursday, June 20, 2013

The loss of respect

I used to have respect for the USA. Since I started getting more interested in what was going on politically and reading about most of the things that are happening. I can honestly say that I can’t see this nation survive without a leader and I mean a leader and not someone that can talk like one but can’t lead like one.

This loss of respect is not only because they have no leader to speak of or because of the scandals that are happening lately but for what is going on about more citizens turning against Christianity. The results of all this disorganization seems to have spread not only to some government departments but to schools, colleges and universities. It has spread to people that are supposed to be intelligent and mature enough to educate the kids but it seems that some of them have become dictators and think that they own the schools, colleges and universities.

For quite a while now, almost every day on Fox News we could read about the schools calling the police for a kid that was misbehaving in some way. For instance a kid was chewing something and when it came out of his mouth it was the shape of a revolver and the kid was suspended. On another occasion shown in a video, a kid on a school bus had a little plastic in the shape of a revolver not even the size of a dime. They were taping a kid to his chair, putting a kid in a small room for punishment, and what about the kid that couldn’t talk and in order to spell his name it made the sign of a revolver so they wanted him to change his name because of that.

Also a video was shown about a teacher abusing a student verbally and this morning a picture on Fox News was shown a grade 8 student who went to school with a tee shirt that had a picture of a long rifle and the word NRA and when the student refused to take it off as he was told, the teacher called the police. When the police came apparently the student was charged because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut and as a result was apparently charged for obstructing the police.

This student could face a fine or jail time. Also reports about some teachers did not approve the student’s length of his hair the color that it was dyed. I could keep on with examples like this but I won’t. All of this has been reported on the news and you have probably already seen one example for yourself there. 

The point is that the president has little respect for his office or the people of America.  People have lost respect for Christianity.  And teachers have lost respect for their students and the liberties granted by the Constitution.  With all of that self-respect gone, how does America expect people of other nations to give them respect?  It doesn't add up.

My rants for today.

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