Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who is this man?

King of a future nothing?
Who is this man? Where does he come from? Does anyone know what he really stands for? Is he really a defender of America’s way of life? Or is he a person that wants to bring down this nation to nothing but just a plain and weakened nation that could not defend itself against a country that would use slingshots to gain control of it?

That’s what it looks like to me, especially by what he has been doing since he was put in power as commander in chief of the USA. First it was spending as if there were money trees growing around the White House until it reached into the trillions. Then it was not going after the terrorist that attacked and killed the ambassador in Benghazi. Next it was getting his cronies to lie about what really happened, and trying to blame it on a cheap video, at first refusing to even call it an attack by terrorist. Plus there have been all the scandals that have been discovered including invading the privacy and free speech of the citizens in the name of national security.

Then by his statements made about religious beliefs shows that he is anti-Christian even on a speech he made in Ireland attacking the Catholics. Then he was on to Berlin where he made a speech saying that the USA nuclear arsenal should be cut down by a third and that he was going to get Russia to cut down reduce their arsenal.

 A journalist by the name of Geertz had an article on News Max and he says that Obama’s communist stance is liable to start another cold war with Russia and at one point he Obama is liable to start a nuclear war.

With all the enemies that the USA has now they can’t afford to cut down on defense and it seems that this man is doing his best to weaken the USA and this is not my imagination. Just read and listen to what is reported. You can't avoid coming to the conclusion that he is deliberately weakening America. He couldn't be so dumb as to be doing all of these decisions and actions by accident. It’s as if this man who is supposed to be the leader is really trying to weaken the USA.

I don’t know this man. I’ve never met him. But I would never want to because this man seems to be up to something but I’m not going to say what I think he really is.

I could be wrong in my analyzing of this person but I’m only going by the evidence. Those are my opinions. 

After this is posted I better start listening for a drone like he wants to do on American soil. 

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