Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retired USS Cole commander on counterterrorism policy

While reading Fox News I happened to see this video. The US claims Iran hacked energy forms.

Now this just shows that Iran has no intentions of stopping from finding ways to get back at the USA and to do away with IsraĆ«l . It seems that they realize because they have been getting away with everything, so as far as they know nothing will be done to stop them. They will keep on trying and trying until they succeed and who’s going to stop them? Because it’s already been proven that diplomacy doesn’t mean a thing to them except to give them time to achieve the goals that they want. I've said this all before, but the president doesn't seem to realize any of it.

This nation (Iran) should be given a warning or shown what can happen if they don’t stop their push for power and if not they will be the cause of a third world war. I think their only goal in life is to kill and kill even to the extent of supplying weapons to other terrorist to use to kill. If that is their objective then they do not deserve to be in this world and anyone nation fighting to help them military wise are just as guilty as they are and deserve the same thing.

I’m not too much of a violent person, but when action is needed and all possible means and ways to avert violence have been used without any solution, then it’s time for action at least a demonstration of what could happen. I forgot to mention also that they have nothing to fear from the USA because they know that nation used to be like a lion but it is now turned into a nation that is just as tame as a lamb.

It's too bad because the power is there but there’s too much using of a no limit diplomacy. I say if things keep on going like it is now then it’s time to jump the gun before the terrorist nation starts it when they are good and ready. 

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