Thursday, June 6, 2013

What America needs right now - an election

I would say what the United States needs now is an election. My reason for saying this is lack of leadership, the ignoring certain parts of the Constitution, and certain departments taking it upon themselves to make their own rules (to the point of invading the privacy of certain citizens,  and especially reporters while using national security as an excuse to do so).

I will say to you, the people of America, that you have elected in the last election a leader of your country who is a person full of desire for diplomacy and who is all talk but no action when diplomacy fails. 

Transparency that was promised during the election is long gone the way things are now with the scandals and lies. I actually think that the person that made that statement about transparency makes me think of a person that hears of a word and at the first opportunity uses it without knowing what it means. To get elected these politicians will say anything that they think will get them elected.

To be fair to the American people, you didn't have much of a choice. But the notion that the president is a leader, and transparent and honest are crumbling day by day with the contradictions (even by the president himself) and all the lies and cover ups. I would say that the last election was a waste of time or just an practice for the next election.

On the other hand, if there was a real leader in the White House right now, then a lot of people that are sitting on their butts ignoring the rules designated for each department and causing scandals like. A real leader would fire them right away unless that supposed to be leader has something to do with everything that is going on and afraid to fire them in case it back fires on him.

That is my rant and opinions of the day.

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