Saturday, June 8, 2013

President Assad

This president of Syria, is He a god or what? That’s the way it seems like, the way his backers react to any talk of doing this or that to help the rebels. I would say those people that are backing him up are just as bad in their way of thinking as he is.

How many people have to be killed before this guy is put out of power? If the citizens of Syria don’t want him why should he be helped to stay in power? I can’t see any sense in the fact that the world let him massacre his own people just to keep himself in power.

The president of the United States says he wants to stop all wars. I have news for this president you will never end the wars even if you don’t want a war you will be forced in to one at least. If what is happening in Syria spreads like it seems to be happening even if you don’t want war then you might even be invited to join when some rockets are aimed at Israel and which I’m sure will happen the way it’s going now. You will be forced to defend that nation like you said you would.

Now the Russians have supplied missiles that can hit any aircraft and I’m sure they are meant for Assad’s military. If these missiles are meant to stop anyone trying to create a no fly zone then Syria has become a lost cause because the U.S. can currently destroy whatever they want in Syria without even putting any of their pilots in danger. That's not going to last. That is assuming that the president doesn’t try to use diplomacy on those missiles to self-destruct. Like I mentioned before, often, diplomacy can only be used to a certain extent and it has been proven often that the president doesn’t seem to realize that.

Now diplomacy will be mentioned from other countries with missiles in not too long a time from now,  the way things are going.  There is too much aggression among different countries and a lot of it against the USA. They all have that diplomacy safety net that Obama has given them. If this war in Syria spread like it looks certain to do, then other countries like Iran and other terrorist groups will do their utmost to include the USA in their plans of attack. And none of your diplomacy will stop that because you depended too much on your ideas of diplomacy. Because the terrorist are not scared of the USA anymore because the Americans have diplomacy "on their side" when in reality it is working against America.  President Assad is the first of many other similar problems to come for America, and with diplomacy only, America is not ready for any of them.

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