Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bloomberg banned e-cigarettes? That's dumb.

Former Mayor Bloomberg of NYC signed into law 22 bills including one banning e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited. This man doesn’t know a lot of things, including the difference between smoking tobacco and vaporizing. There is no smoke from these cigarettes as its only vapor that comes out and not smoke like smoking tobacco. Any one that sees another smoking these e-cigarettes cannot mistake them for real cigarettes.

The nicotine in these cigarettes are nicotine that is mixed with some kind of oil and there are different strength s that can be useful for weaning yourself off of nicotine altogether, according to how heavily a person was smoking cigarettes before starting to quit smoking by using the e-cigarettes. I was a heavy smoker for 65 years (no kidding). I didn’t have the willpower to quit. With  these cigarettes I started with the nicotine of the strength of 18mg. mix of nicotine and clean nicotine not like the 4000 or 5000 chemicals that are added by the tobacco companies that are very dangerous to one’s health.

Having smoked these cigarettes for a period of two weeks I tried a regular cigarette and after 2 to 3 drags I threw it where it belongs - in the garbage. Once in a while I get the urge to smoke a regular cigarette but when I think of the taste of all the garbage that is added in the cigarettes it changes my mind.

Like I mentioned there is no smoke that comes out.  It is just vapor because the contents of an e-cigarette are heated by a battery and the only thing that comes out is vapor. I am proud to say that only after 3 weeks,  I don’t crave cigarettes anymore. I know in another two weeks I will be ready to use a mix of less nicotine and then after about another month with weaker nicotine still I will have quit that bad habit which was partly to blame for a heart attack brought on by blood cloth too big to pass through my heart. The cardiologist had to put in a stent in my vein leading to the heart. Also because of the plaque build up in my veins the heart lost enough  pressure that my lungs had built up with fluid and it acted as if I was getting a heart attack. An ambulance was called and took me to the hospital and about an hour later and I could not breathe anymore. I was drowning because of the fluid built up in my lungs and I was declared dead by the doctor and after a few minutes I came back.  The point is, smoking was a huge factor in all of this and e-cigarettes are helping me quit, quite successfully so far.

They say if you quit smoking you can add another 10 years to your life. Now I have my chance to see if this is not just a myth. I’m 78 now and if I’m still here at 88 years old then I’ll still be writing my rants. Smoking has cost me a lot of problems health wise.  I would say this an enjoyable way to stop smoking  because you are feeding your body with nicotine that you craved but with 'good' nicotine that is not mixed with all the garbage of chemicals that are added by the tobacco companies.  By diminishing the strength of nicotine a bit at a time a person finally succeeds in quitting this dirty habit. 

If you want to quit smoking but don’t have the will power try the e-cigarette and you don’t need will power. 

Mayor Bloomberg, in a last minute Big Brother, "I know what is best for you"moment, typical of his run as mayor, banned something that has the potential to help a lot of people quit.  One of the benefits of the e-cigarettes is that they mean you can "smoke" without the second hand smoke problem, at least not to the same extent.  But Bloomberg thinks he knows people's health matters better than everyone.  That's dumb.

That's my rant for today

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