Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Being stupid

What I see as stupid is that a lot of people are against smoking and the government is pushing to stop people from smoking. But now pot smoking (marijuana) is going to be legal and as everyone knows anyone that rolls a joint the pot is mixed with tobacco. I know this because I have seen a lot of people roll their joints in my time and tobacco is mixed in it. And then when they start smoking this garbage they start coughing their lungs out. Even the smell of it is worse than the nicotine smell.

But the way this world has become, with people being greedy and wanting power we might as well have everyone on pot. Then no one will realize what’s happening to them. I guess eventually the government will not have to worry about how they manage this country as most everyone won’t realize what is happening since their brains will be so screwed up and the hospitals will be full of druggies getting treatment for their lungs and whatever else can be developed by smoking this garbage.

Now this minority will become the majority like every other minority has become. I can console myself by just thinking that I will be out of this rotten world soon. But I feel sorry for the future generation that will have to live in this world full of druggies that would be out of their damn minds. Now its pot and later it will be cocaine and so on. I guess this would depend on how much money the government will rake in because of the pot that will be bought or how much will be forfeited from the pot growers and sold for medical purposes. 

That’s my rant of the day.

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