Thursday, February 18, 2016


The night of the New Hampshire primaries, I was reading about the results. It is clear that both Democrats running for the nomination, want to see Obama's policies continue. What in hell is the matter with those people? Since Obama has been elected the country has been going down, down, down to nothing. And yet they want those policies to continue? Those are the type of people that get elected for the purpose of getting a fat pay check from taxpayers. Are they Americans or just pretending to be? I would like to know are Democrats really that stupid or what? I guess they can’t see what Obama's policies have done to the country.

They all deserve to be let go without a pension until all the money they received as their pay is paid back from the time that Obama was elected president. Here in Canada, we're now in the same shape as who was elected the last election is a man that has not been in politics long enough to manage a country. Since he has been in power, which has only been a couple months, he has already shown his lack of knowledge of how to make serious decisions as a leader of a nation. If he keeps this up it will not be long before the allies will be laughing at us and mistrust us just like what is happening to the USA.

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