Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Politicians and smoking (part 1).

I was listening to the radio the other morning and there was some whining about what the government should do to discourage people from smoking. Some idiots even said that there should be more taxes on cigarettes and some were saying the sale of tobacco should be illegal.

Why don’t these people mind their own business? Even some politicians are making it more attractive to smoke just like our dear prime minister wanting to legalize smoking pot. As if he didn’t know that smoking pot is also smoking tobacco at the same time. The pot is mixed with tobacco. In my time I have seen enough of those druggies rolling joints and adding tobacco to know that. Now I read on the internet about some doctors claiming that smoking or vaporizing whatever you want to call it is safer then smoking cigarettes. A couple of months later I read that if you use e-cigarettes flavored there is a chemical used for flavoring that makes your lungs act like popcorn. Apparently this chemical is called Diacetyl.

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