Friday, February 26, 2016

Handy info to the enemies

On opening this site this morning here is what I read.
GAO Report: US Unable to Block Missiles from Iran, North Korea.

The Defense Department agency charged with protecting the United States from ballistic missile attacks from Iran and North Korea cannot fully do so, despite spending billions of dollars on building a missile defense system that has not been fully completed or tested, according to a government report...
I’m just wondering if the USA wants to defend themselves against their enemies. The reason I’m saying this is because of how many times that I saw how much the enemies of the USA have been able to read what the USA can do or what it can’t do. This is another instance of the enemies being told about the US problems. This brings to mind about not putting any boots on the ground to go after the ISIS group. Do you remember Obama telling Assad about how they could be attacked with the ships that were around them and what would be used against them? He also mentioned how many troops would be brought home from certain countries and when and also how many would be left there.

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