Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I wonder.

I wonder what the allies of the USA think of everyone vying for the presidency of the USA, accusing each other of this and that. I don’t think that kind of conduct would induce too much confidence in whomever ends up being elected president. Given the way each one is accusing the other, it seems that whoever gets elected would not be likely to take responsibility for his or her actions. Rather, they would blame it on someone else like what is being done now by Obama. According to the polls, there is just one that could qualify for the job and that one has proven that he can’t take criticism and takes a tantrum just like a kid.

What kind of conduct could be expected by that kind of person when meeting with different leaders of the world? If for some reason he thinks that he is being criticized by the person he is dealing with, how will he react? Would any deal that he would be trying to make be jeopardized by his replies? Probably. Therefore he would be guilty of missing a deal that could have been made by keeping calm and keeping his mouth shut.

Would that type of president be a president for peace or for war? I will answer that one myself: that would be someone to start a war very quickly. Then he would blame it on someone else because of being too egotistic to accept blame himself.

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