Thursday, April 23, 2015

You Americans are screwed.

You Americans are screwed. I am proud to say that I am not an American at this time. At one time I would have been proud to be an American citizen. Now, after you have elected someone who is basically in his own mind a self-appointed king, and with the followers that he has in his administration, you have created one big unfolding disaster for your nation. This self-appointed king has not done anything of any great importance to help the nation. He has however degraded it to its lowest reputation that it has ever had. I don't recall a time when the USA had more disrespect beyond its borders than it has today. I'm 80, so that's saying something.

The only way to bring this nation back to what it used to be would be to empty the White House of all his minions and ass kissers that he has following and clinging bitterly to every word that he says as if he was some kind of savior. Without them, maybe some real work might get done, despite the leader himself.

There are at least two people at this time that have declared they're running to be president. One person, I am convinced would be a continuation of the same garbage that is going on with the self-appointed king in charge now. You can guess who I am discussing. This person has also killed their credibility as far as telling the truth by having worked too long with this self-appointed king (as well as other issues in their own past and career). That’s why I say next election the White House needs a good clean up. I know I shouldn’t criticize what goes on in another nation but what goes on in that nation also affects some stupid people in this country.

That’s enough for today. Have a good day.

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