Sunday, April 26, 2015

Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Now some people might think that is a weird titled for a rant. I will admit in a sense it is a weird title, but I have my reason for it. In the past I’ve written about people engaging their tongues without the engagement of their brains. I didn’t want to revisit that post. But this post is sort of similar to the one that I didn’t want to revisit. In any case, I’ve written before about reading comments posted by readers on various websites. A lot of those comments are from some people that show class and intelligence and some, well...not so much. Here is what I mean.

Hillary Clinton has seemingly replaced Obama as far being the queen of being called names. I have read so many different names that she was called before running for the presidency. Now that she has announced to the world that she is running again, she has acquired even more derogatory names. Now it’s one thing to take issue with what she did or didn’t do as a secretary of state, and that she cannot be believed in what she says, but it’s something else to to criticize her looks and age. I realize that with some people it’s jealousy that makes them grumble on. But I think that just persuades some religious people to vote for her because they believe what it says in the Bible: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” And that could be enough for some of them to vote for her.

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