Monday, April 13, 2015

Is expressing ones opinion a thing of the past?

On the 23rd day of March I opened Facebook and there was an advertisement about the Liberals and the Conservative. I dared to express my opinion about the Liberals and I also included the NDP. Now mind you, there was no foul language. I wrote down my opinion as politely as possible and my opinion was that the Liberals and the NDP to me equaled socialism. No sooner had I inserted my period at the end of socialism that a little window popped up to inform me “that my comment was blocked.” Doesn’t blocking my opinion prove that my comment was right on?

I guess a lot of things that are happening like ignoring the Constitution in the USA by the self-appointed King Obama to advance his agenda, which is affecting free expression and speech, is leaking here into Canada.

The leader of the Liberal provincial party of Ontario is dictating how to teach sex to students. That started in the USA as well. I guess next she will be trying to tell the parents of the kids that bring their lunch to school what to feed their kids and if the teachers don’t agree with what the kids have for lunch they will have to buy their lunch at school. From what I’ve seen in a video of those lunches from school is nothing but garbage as far as sustaining a kid's energy for a day at school.

All I can say is that copying what is going on in the USA politically will be the downfall not only of the USA but also this country (Canada). If their kind of politics is affecting this country, not the system, the politics, it's not good for Canada. From what I can see , the USA will not last until the next presidential election. Or it will be lucky to do so. What used to be a God fearing nation has become a non-God-fearing nation for not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings that don’t believe in Christianity. In fact it seems that a sort of reverse racism has taken over.

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