Saturday, April 4, 2015

A deal with radicals?

I'm talking about Iran. How can the president of the United States make a deal with radicals who support those who commit suicide in order to kill people of different faiths in the belief that means to become a martyr and the reward of having virgins upon their death? Anyone that would believe that must be out of their minds, if they ever had a brain to start off with. Radicals will say and do everything to make people think that their way of thinking is the only logical way to save their soul upon death and having their reward. And Iran tries to secretly support these radicals anywhere, and any way they can. And the president of the United States wants to make a deal with Iran. Why on earth would he want to do that?

Iran are no different from the other Muslims they support. Iranian leadership are sneaky and full of lies. Then again, it's just like their new friend that is the self-appointed king of the USA. So maybe making the deal, for them, makes sense. But therefore we cannot be sure that they will be keeping to the agreement that is supposedly designed to keep them from having a nuclear bomb.

At the same time they have plenty of time to finish developing one before the agreement is signed in three months’ time. My mind tells me that they have had a good start at building one that another three months is maybe all that they need to finish it. They won’t have to worry about using it as they have China and Russia to back them up most of the time. The way things are in the USA I don’t think that Iran are worried about the USA going against them because the king has shown himself to be quite sympathetic to the Muslim faith and no doubt he would side with the Muslims if he had a choice.

With all the things that have happened (since Obama was elected) not only in the USA but in many third world countries. it’s a wonder that he hasn’t been impeached or thrown in jail for dereliction of duty as Commander in Chief. And domestically in the USA things are no better. Racism has come back with him and Sharpton and Holder/ People are increasingly giving up on their faith and third world countries are in shambles in staggering numbers. The USA is no longer recognizable by its citizens and indeed the whole world. It has become a joke and a laugh for all the world now.

That is my rant of the day.

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