Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The USA is in big trouble.

Yes the USA is in big trouble just as we will be if the self-appointed king manages to remain in command until the end of his term. What you people need in the next election is a non-politician. And it seems that a big cleanup of the White House would also be in order. I have taken interested in American politics ever since that self-appointed King has been in charge. I never read so much about the lack of transparency and heard so many lies and of so many cover ups and scandals and of so many that are so scared of losing their job that they are willing to go against the wishes of the people of the country. They lie like hell to make people believe that they are doing their best to stop the self-appointed King from having his way for whatever he wants to do to advance his agenda.

I must also say that there are some people in the USA and here in Canada who just go to vote and they don’t know who to vote for because they don’t vote using their brains. They just put an x on any name that shows up because they don’t pay attention to what is going on. Then those same people go out and brag about having voted. I would say don’t vote for the best speaker or how a speaker looks and talk listen to the news read the newspapers.

Now there is a good example of the USA and what happens when people vote for the best talker or best looking candidate. That USA has been degraded so badly that some nations that used to be friendly have now become doubtful about trusting the USA. Some now ignore it's soft power and just laugh at the way its being governed. The USA has become the joke of the world and that's what happens when a person is voted in because of how he talks and looks. By the way Obama and Al Sharpton I am not a racist I don’t care if a person is black pink or blue or white; if he can’t govern he shouldn’t be there, especially if the result is to turn the country into a third world country or a communist one.

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