Monday, April 27, 2015

Where is the leadership?

What I would like to know is where is the leadership, that would include leading a coalition to put boots on the ground, to eliminate ISIS? As I see it, at this time, those people are free to do whatever they want - killings, torture, shooting at everything that moves including not only adults but also children. To me it just appears that most nations of the world are in agreement with them because all they are doing at this time is more or less giving them a slap on the wrist. Sure the bombing impedes their freedom of travel but it seems that they can still get to where they want to go. So these bombings might slow them down but people are still getting killed and tortured and cities are being taken over by them.

Bombs can be dropped, but they are not made to chase people to blow them up so to think that just bombing them will finally eliminate them is foolish. It might impede them, slow them down but, it won't eliminate them. Anyone or any nation that doesn’t want to do anything but bomb them are in dreamland because according to reports this group is getting bigger every day.

If anyone thinks that those people are doing this because Allah wants them to do it, then you better start thinking again. Those people are doing this to satisfy their own warped mind just to kill and torture. They are  using their religion to cover the fact that it’s a sporting event for them. If anyone doesn’t want to do whatever is needed to eliminate them it’s because they are in the same frame of mind as them. And anyone that would try and protect them by just bombing them is a hypocrite and would like them to conquer the world to declare their caliphate and declare Sharia law to be the only law in the world. Those people are so intent on killing that they will also kill their own members. Either you are against them or you are for them - it's that simple.

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