Thursday, April 30, 2015


Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, (R-Minn.), “believes that President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, and his opposition to Israel, is going to bring on the biblical End Times, plunging the U.S., and the world, into Armageddon.”  She mentions the anti-Christ.

I don’t agree with her as to where the Anti-Christ would come from. She claims that the Anti-Christ would be coming from a third world country. I have my own opinion from where the Anti-Christ came from. Having an opinion like I have as to where he came from would just create doubts as I don’t have positive proof to back it up so I will keep that opinion to myself. But I will say it’s my opinion only. The Anti-Christ is already here according to what I've read and it’s not from the news. I realize someone will put a name to what I’ve written but that would be their own conclusion as they wouldn’t have any more proof than I have. Inserting a name to what I have written might bring on doubts and hardships to a person that might or might not deserve it because if you don’t have the proof then you can't back up your opinion.

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