Friday, February 19, 2016

Hands on the rudder

Not too long ago I wrote a post in reference as to who was manning the rudder of the USA because I referred this nation as a ship without anyone at the rudder. To this day that ship is still sinking. Well I guess in one way, I spoke to soon. It seems that some people here in Canada decided to vote in a prime minister who doesn’t know what a rudder is for, just like the president of the USA. Now this ship will be sinking just like the one I referred to as the USA.

The big question to me is which one will reach the bottom of the ocean first. Obama as had 7 to 8 years to sink America but it’s not quite at the bottom yet. Meanwhile the prime minister elected in this country, Justin Trudeau, has had a couple of months to 'lead' and has already started to sink this ship.

When his dad was prime minister of this country he give this country away to multiculturalism but he left this world without having a chance to finish the job of destroying Canada. Now his son has put himself in a position to finish what his dad couldn’t do. At least that’s what it looks like. People were saying that this person was too young to manage a country and I kept on saying that it was not his age but that he hadn’t been in politics long enough to learn how to manage a country. I must say it didn’t take him too long to prove that what I said was the truth. Now some people have realized what I meant, but those unbelievers voted him in just the same.

There are other things I could accuse him of but so far there isn’t enough proof to accuse him of it except to say he must be a good friend or partner to Obama.

That is my rant of the day.

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