Friday, February 5, 2016

One match.

We all know it just takes one tree to make thousands and thousands of matchsticks but that one lit match which is tiny, can destroy thousands of trees. While thinking of this, I considered that a human can become a match stick and destroy a whole nation as if the citizens were trees. That match to my concern, is called president Obama. Since he has been elected the USA has fallen into such disarray that there don’t seem to be any laws anymore. If there is something in the Constitution that he doesn’t agree with he will use an Executive Order to go around it and his ass-kissers will go along with whatever it is that he wants. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the government to represent the people.

I read every bit of news that I can, and I also read most of the comments sections on the different things I read. Most of the comments that I read about what Obama does or says don’t seem to impress too many people. They have been calling him everything that they can think. That doesn’t reflect anything good on his reputation but yet in some polls that I saw recently, he is still popular. Why? I can’t see any reason for that because he is destroying the country as anyone can see if they look it it outside of the hero-worship or the liberal partisan viewpoint.

I know I shouldn’t really criticize what is going on the USA considering what the people have elected here in Canada in our last federal election a couple of months ago. But I’m sure we will be joining the USA going down the tubes. This means bankruptcy and our dollar becominge of no value. We did as you people in the USA did. We elected someone that hasn’t been in politics long enough to know how to manage a country. Hehas already proven he doesn't have enough experience and he made promises just like Obama did but found out that he couldn’t keep them once elected.

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