Friday, February 12, 2016


It's not too often that I go and visit people. The other day it was nice out so decided to go and visit a friend of mine. When I got there and rang the doorbell my friend answered and opened the door and invited me in. We went into the kitchen and his wife got up from the table and offered me a coffee. That’s when I noticed that her eyes were red and her nose was runny. I then asked her if she had a cold and she answered “I don’t know what I have, I’m always getting something if it’s not a cold then its’ something else. The only time I go out is to do groceries and that’s it.”

I then asked her "do you wash your hands when you come back from the store?" She said no because she didn’t touch anything dirty. She got a surprise when I told her that she had touched something dirty but that she didn’t realize it. I explained first of all you opened the door to go in the store. Then you pay for whatever you had bought, using money. Then you get change from the person at the cash. Then you come home and you don’t wash your hands and your hands are full of germs because you had to open the door to enter the store then you paid the cashier and you got change back.

Then she said "So?" I asked her how many people went in that store before you did and how many of them had clean hands before touching that door. How many people had handled the change that the cashier had given you? Plus maybe you touched stuff on the shelves that other people touched or coughed on maybe. Now do you think you came home with clean hands? So now you come home and you don’t wash your hands. How many germs do you think you could have picked up from opening that door plus getting the change from the cashier? Also how many people had handle that change before the store got it? Then you had to open that door again to go out. Now don’t wonder where you get those germs. My advice to you would be when you go out shopping wash your hands when you come in.

She told me that she hadn’t realize that. And she was happy that I had told her that.

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