Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why bother having a Constitution at all?

Click on the picture for another misguided teachers story.
The other day I came across this interesting post about one of my favourite topics to tant about, and that is what is happening in schools in America these days.  I read the post and my first thought was that there was just too much to say about and so I didn't even bother with it.  But I decided that I would limit my comments to my main points and let my readers think about the issues themselves.  After all, I think I have intelligent readers.  Or I'd be willing to wager that at least most of my readers are intelligent.

Here's a portion of what I read that got me bothered.
If you need further evidence of what they are trying to do to our schools, then listen to this. Eighth graders at a school in Campobello, SC were told that police can confiscate your legal guns whenever they want…and that there is nothing preventing them from doing so. This was basically discovered when a parent took a look at their child’s recent quiz, which asked if a police officer acted according to the Constitution by confiscating a legal gun at a traffic stop. The student had originally answered “no, not Constitutional,” which is the correct answer (of course). However, the teacher told the child she was wrong and that the police officer had the right to take away the legal gun. Furthermore, the student also said that this was related to the 4th Amendment against illegal search & seizure, but was again told that she was wrong.

So, clearly the teacher was either completely ignorant of the Constitution herself, or there is something else going on. There is certainly no doubt that our government planners are trying their hardest to get kids thinking that the Constitution is not something with any meat or truth behind it. In fact, they really want to get the children thinking that the parts (especially the 2nd and 4th Amendments) dealing with our right to bear arms are hollow, meaningless rights or ideas. That the government has total power and control to do whatever they want, whenever they want…and all without question from us obedient little tax paying servants. This is what they want, folks. They want us to believe that there is not such thing as inviolable rights.

The simple facts of the matter are that schools have now become part of the problem...
Yes, schools are a part of the problem. I've boiled my thoughts down to two main points which I will share with you now.

(1) You know the Republic is gone when the Constitution doesn't matter. Why have a Constitution at all if preserving it and teaching it, properly, to your children is not a priority? In fact it is being mis-taught to the next generation. Are Americans so willing to give up what their forefathers fought and died for? Or what they or their parents subsequently came to America to become part in? That is shameful.

(2) Do you want to know the reason America is losing ground to China and other countries around the world? It's because teachers are not teaching your children properly. They are busybodies trying to mould your children in their own, politically correct, everybody gets a trophy, America is the root of all evil in the world, America is unjust, progressive liberal images. Teach the kids math and reading and science. Don't teach them your own ideals. That is not your place as a teacher or as a school system. It also doesn't teach children to be thinkers, it teaches them to be robots.

If that's what you want go to some country like North Korea. Stop trying to change America for the worse.

That's my rant for the day.

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