Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Bergdahl prisoner exchange

The other day I just had finished listening to the news about this Bergdahl soldier. According to all the news that I have heard or read, this Bergdahl soldier left his unit of his own accord. Now, by his action of leaving his unit apparently some soldiers in his unit were sent out to look for him and some got killed for it. This man did not only betray the unit that he left behind but he also betrayed his country.

I’m wondering, was he caught by the enemy or did he himself go to them? And if he did, what was his purpose for doing so? And for him to be regarded as a POW is unthinkable. He is the one that decided to leave his unit. He became a deserter by his own actions. When I hear Obama say no soldier is left behind I got a laugh out of that. This guy was a soldier but decided to become a deserter and a traitor to his unit and country. So my way of thinking he stopped being a soldier when he decided to leave on his own accord.

In order to bring him back, five of the most dangerous Jihadists were released to the Taliban, thereby endangering the lives of soldiers that are serving in those countries. Maybe even the citizens in the USA have been put in jeopardy. He deserves to be courtmartialled.

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