Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Plastic, Plastic & Plastic

In this world today, it’s all plastic. I'm not even talking about water bottles and that type of plastic.  I'm talking about plastic items you need for day to day business. Things like social security cards, hospital cards, bank cards and credit cards are a necessity these days.  All plastic.  In Canada we even have plastic in our money. All these cards are made with inferior garbage material. As far as plastic goes, it's not even sturdy plastic.

The reason I’m saying this is because if a person would want to keep them in good shape, they would have to frame them and hang them on a wall, only carry them when you are going to use them and then put them away as fast as possible.

These cards can be carried in what it called a pocket secretary, which is usually carried in an inside jacket pocket where there would be no pressure put on it whatsoever. If you don’t have a pocket secretary, you have to carry them in your wallet and usually a wallet is carried in a back pocket of your pants and when you sit down that is where the damage happens to these little things made out of inferior material.

What they should use is this material that is some kind of plastic that is used to make car bumpers. I forget the name of it. The worst card I myself have at this time it’s the social security card for seniors. They are nice cards no picture of the senior but a picture of the government building and it’s a black card.  Simple. No privacy issues as far as a the picture is concerned.  

But this card is just has bad as all the others - if not worse.  It's still made of garbage material and your name and social security number disappear from the face of the card quickly as they get worn off. As it is now I have a security card which is black with a picture of the parliament building but no name on it. 

Plastic is my beef for today.

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