Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Call center rant

This is Canada and in this country there are two official languages: English and French. My beef is with some of these big businesses, that have people in their call centers that answer the telephones who are not fluent enough in either language to be in that position.

I know a lot of these businesses hire immigrants and I have nothing against that.  They need jobs too.  It’s just that when you have to call a company to deal with something or get a new product or service, your interaction with the company is the person at the other end of the call. If that person that answers the telephone can’t understand what you are calling about, or can’t give you an answer that you can understand because of the communication then it complicates things. 

 Here is what I mean. This was either on Friday or Saturday of last week. The telephone started ringing so I answered it.  When I did, the person started talking, but all I could make out it was a person from Bell Canada asking me to accept a long distance call.  Unfortunately, she could not tell me where the call was from, or pronounce the name of the person who was calling. I just hung up on her. I know it’s not too polite to do that, but I figured that it would not hurt her feelings so much as me getting mad at her and giving her hell for doing the work that she was not prepared (language wise), to do.

I don’t blame that person for that, her abilities are her own.  But the person that hired her and put her in that position is responsible for getting the most out of the position. Perhaps Bell does not care whether people understand their phone operators.  That is a bad business model, but it is also their choice.  As it was my choice not to take the long distance call, and deny Bell the money from that call.  

Most immigrants are hard workers and for them to be put in that kind of position shows a disregard for those people’s feelings, because the one responsible for putting that person in that position, must have known darn well the problems that this person would encounter from the customers, especially a customer of a telephone company.

Just remember people, if you call a business and an immigrant answers and has problems explaining or understanding you, it’s not their fault. These people are working at whatever they can get and are doing their best to do the job that they have been given.

That’s my beef for today.

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