Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cover your butt.

This is the time of the year I imagine a lot of teenagers and some adults do not like - winter.  That is because of the cold they can’t show their butt to everyone by walking down the street having their jeans half way down their butts. Teenage girls in particular, and some adult woman, are now not able to walk down the street showing off what they have by wearing the least possible amount and still not attract the law. These poor people must hate Mother Nature for this time of the year.

 I wouldn’t be surprise if some of them are saying to themselves “please God get these cold seasons over quickly so I can be myself again and dress and show off as much of myself as I can”. In this world today I would not be surprise if this has been thought or even said by some immature person with low esteem and a belief that by showing off what she has, she would attract more attention to her.

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