Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Horrific! Cops Force Open Man’s Anus at Hospital.

I was reading about this on Facebook yesterday morning and it referred me to the Libertarian Republic.  I did not believe what I was reading till I looked further down and noticed the web site to go to for more information and video.

I mentioned before that I have been thinking that the USA is turning either into a third world country or a communist one. Now, not only is your privacy taken away but let’s just say your ass is not safe either. Literally. The actions of the police that are supposed to be the protectors of the people have proved that. All those involved in these actions and the suffering of what this man went through because of some police officer’s imagination that this guy had drugs up his butt, all point to a scary state of affairs in America.

According to the report, the man never gave permission for them to do this but they did it against his will. After all that was done to him he was even billed for it. I mean, everyone should be charged - including the one that signed the warrant to have this done.  One more thing about this that shows the seriousness of this problem - they could not have it done in the hospital in their own city because the hospital in their town would not do it.  So they went out of their city to get it done in a other hospital.  By that time the time allowed to do this had elapsed but the hospital did it just the same.

This is what I call sadistic.  Everyone concerned in allowing this kind of treatment to a citizen should all be put in jail. For your own protection people stay out of the USA.

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