Thursday, November 21, 2013

A very dangerous world

I was reading the news the other morning (like I mentioned before, I go to several sites that I know to read about what is happening in this forsaken world). What worries me, is the tension amongst different nations and the the supplying of better weapons to their militaries. This to me gives the impression these nations expect that some global or local or internal conflict is liable to break out at any time. I will agree that something could happen at any time like a war, because of all the problems that have developed during all these years of 'peace' in the civilized countries. Let’s not forget that a certain person has opened up a highway called diplomacy and sometimes it works and often times it doesn’t.

Actually, that's not my point.  Let me get back on topic.

This morning in question I read an article on that reminded me of something that I had forgotten about. What is going on with all this junk that is in the upper atmosphere (in orbit)?  What about the ones that do not disintegrate on their way back to earth as they fall out of orbit? Diplomacy can’t help with that problem.  I think our biggest undiscussed problem is all this junk dropping back to earth at some point in the future. When I read about this junk falling back to earth and they claim that about 100 to 150 metric tons (or 110 to 165 tons ) of space junk re-enters the earth’s atmosphere each year.

I guess I can safely state that this is a dangerous world and man has made it more dangerous by sending all this junk into space.

That is my rant of the day.

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