Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unreliable politicians.

The title of this rant should tell you exactly what I mean to say. Having read of former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty did while he was the running that province, and now what this current Premier Wynne is doing, it doesn’t make for a good reputation of the Liberals federally or provincially. Wynne is a complete disaster to anything she is associated with. I would say she should not be allowed to roam around on any street as she is a danger of contaminating anyone with whom she comes in contact. She deserves to be thrown out of her office and I don’t mean on her ass but to make sure she lands on her head as it wouldn’t her too much because there just doesn’t seem to be anything in there except space to keep her ears apart. Sorry to mention that she has an empty head because she does show that she has something in there - corruption. And I guess she also has some for of sense enough to hide the evidence.

Wynne belongs in a funny farm. She reminds me of Obama the self-elected king of the USA who is full of himself and cares for no one except himself. Wynne seems to be in the same category as him. If this person is allowed to finish her term I don’t believe too many of the ones working with her will be re-elected in the next provincial election because of what she’s doing. She laughing at the people that elected her. She's autocratic and doesn't care about what the voters want. She tricked her way into power and now just wants to do whatever she thinks is best. It doesn't matter if no one agrees with her. By acting the way she does she also affects the people working with her, as it seems that they go along with her and so they are just as guilty as she is. I’m sure that is the way the people will look at it come the next provincial election. Why a good leader from the Liberals can’t be found makes me wonder if there is one. I should be back living in Ontario by the time the next election provincially comes around and one thing I can say for sure I will not vote for anyone that is in there now unless she/he is out before the end of the term.

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