Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turning America into a Third World country

I have written many posts about the USA being turned into a third world country. My original prediction about it appears to be right on target.

First of all most of the schools in the USA will not approve of anything that represents any kind of religion and anything that would represent the existence of God or Jesus. Also some, or most, teachers have turned into dictators - making their own rules as they see fit as to how a kid is dressed to go to school. Also if the teacher doesn’t approve of the child's clothes, the length of their hair or the color of their hair, they can be kicked out. Also if a student becomes unruly against a teacher the police are called in. How it was done at one school, the police were called in because the student was unruly and was handcuffed and this was a thirteen years old kid. I also wrote a post about that.

Then the first lady telling the schools what kind of lunch the students should have and if the parents send their kid at school with a lunch that is not approved the lunch is taken and thrown in the garbage can and the kid has to buy his lunch from what the garbage the school sells and if by chance after the kid has is lunch and if noticed that the parents haven’t paid yet or behind in the payments then the lunch is taken away from the student and thrown in the garbage. To me it seems that even in the schools most or some teachers and principals have become dictators just like the self-appointed dictator that is supposed to be the president of the USA.

Secondly, I was reading about the wackos that went on a shooting spree in San Bernardino. From what I’ve read about what goes on in the third world countries that’s what’s happening in many of them with groups like ISIS and Boko Harum. So far nothing quite as drastic has been reported in the USA (there isn’t any head chopping) but soon there will be with all these fanatics that can sneak in through the border.

Yes, the USA is turning into a third world country. And people there don't seem to care enough to stop it from happening.

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