Tuesday, December 22, 2015


That is one of the questions I’m busy asking myself since I’ve been keeping track of what is being said in videos and posts on various websites. I can make good deductions concerning all I’ve heard and read. When I was a lot younger I had friends that were really bad in their way of thinking. I’ve learned a lot about different ways to plan and scheme and I see a lot of that going on nowadays. My question would be: Why?

Why were the Russians allowed in the American air space 5 times recently?

Why are the friendly countries of America being deliberately alienated? And why is there a push to make friends with the not so friendly ones?

Why are the Iranians allowed in American waters while they are well known for supporting terrorism?

Why was there an order for all those guillotines as they are only good for chopping off heads?

Finally why the rush to disarm the citizens of their weapons in America?

Oh, and also why is the border of the South wide open? Where radicals can sneak in at will.

And I forgot this one: How many people could be locked up in those FEMA camps?

Like I mentioned before I am retired and have nothing to do but sit at my computer and listen to videos that report the news and read about the news. I analyze what I hear and read. By analyzing what I’ve heard and read all it would need is someone like the Russians to get the word as to when to detonate that EMP weapon over the USA and the citizens, without any weapons to defend themselves would be sitting ducks for the invaders. Even the army would only be able to use small arms as without electricity some weapons could not be fired because of that weapon that the Russians have (EMP). It would fry all the electrical connections.

Here in Canada if this was to happen we would be sitting ducks because I think the politicians’ figure that we are not mature enough to handle any revolvers.

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