Monday, September 21, 2015

Warning to Canadian voters

To all the people who will be voting in the upcoming Canadian election:

I would suggest that you read your newspaper and listen to the news. I get the impression that if either the Liberals or the N.D.P. get elected we will be paying forever in higher taxes and burdened with more spending and a loss of jobs because of the taxes that those two parties would be implementing. Businesses will reduce their work force in order to keep the profits that they are getting now, or else the prices of all goods will be raised and there could be more unemployed workers that would be going on the E.I. payroll and also welfare. In fact welfare recipients would become a majority instead of being a minority group.

Currently we have a government that seems to want to protect its citizens and keep the spending down as much as possible and keep the taxes to a minimum.

Now here is an anecdote for you if you have been keeping up with the news. The self-appointed king of the USA, Obama - see what he has done to that country? It’s been dwindle down to next to nothing and that’s because he is a liberal. And his policies and decisions have hurt America. If either Liberals or N.D.P. are elected there is a good chance of this country becoming a banana republic because of their greed for more taxes. So why not be safe and keep Mr. Harper as our Prime Minister?

As for the Senate I read somewhere that it should be abolished. I would disagree with that move but I would say that everyone in the Senate should be elected and not just brought in by appointment like they are now.

To end this rant I would say vote safely and vote to keep the Conservatives in power unless you don’t care for this country then vote for either one of the other two and we will become a banana republic eventually.

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