Monday, August 24, 2015


Whenever I read something on a website and there are comments, I always read all of them. Lately there have been a lot of comments about Hillary Clinton and most of those comments about her are not too nice. They call her a liar and they even include that word in her name. Then they start slamming her about the size of her hips. I don’t see what, if anything that has to do with the work of Secretaries of State. I must say I’m just wondering if she did anything at all if she had time to read/write all those emails.

Thousands of them were stored on a private server. Also she was accused of wrong doing involving the Clinton Foundation plus there's alleged of misconduct in regards to Benghazi. Those are issues, not her hip size.

Then again. she should have known that by running for the office of the presidency, the opposition would try and dig up anything that would discredit her. She was already being investigated about Benghazi. By not listening to the ones that advised her to drop out of the running, she cannot stop them from digging more to discredit her. But she wouldn’t listen and kept on going and for that she could be indicted about some serious crime. According to some news Obama don’t want to see her has president and I have a feeling that if he throws her under the bus that she will retaliate and that would be fun to read.

That is my short rant of the day.

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