Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cheap Landlord

Now we all know that wherever you rent, the landlords like to get their rent. I don’t blame them because they have bills to pay -- taxes of all kinds, maintenance and repairs often because some tenants are uncivilized and don't live like responsible humans. Those tenants don't take into consideration the cost of what they damage in the place that they are renting.

I have to say that not all landlords break their necks to run and get their rent the first of the month. I have a landlord that I have to call to come and get her rent and sometimes she will come in the middle of the month to pick it up. Myself, anyplace that I rent, I will repair any damages created by the previous tenants and won’t go complaining to the landlord about it. That is if it’s not major repairs that I can fix myself. I also make sure that my rent is always paid. What I'm saying is that I'm a pretty good tenant.

When I rented this place that I'm in now, it was advertised as 2 rooms. I took it to mean 2 bedrooms but it was 2 rooms without a living room. My bedroom is where the living room should be. Since I have my son with me, I have to use my bedroom which should be a living room. Now when anyone comes in they are coming in to my bedroom.

That is not my main complaint. I figured that out before I rented it. My complaint is about this toilet that doesn’t function properly. The water doesn’t seem to go out fast enough to empty the toilet when someone goes for what we call a number 2. The toilet gets blocked. After 70+ years of me using toilets I should know when there is something wrong with one. Even at times I will use toilet tissue to blow my nose (about 2 squares of it) and often even then the toilet has to be flushed 2 or 3 times in order to take that paper out. And if anyone thinks that is normal then they don’t know what they are talking about. The people that were in this apartment had moved to another one in this building because of the toilet. He used to come up here and we used to talk. I keep on complaining to the landlord about it and she says that it would cost her about $300. To have it changed. I guess she would rather lose $595 per month in rent rather than spending approximately $300 just once to fix it. I say that because after a long time, and numerous complaints, it's still not fixed, or even scheduled to be fixed.

I had made up mind once before to move somewhere else. But I changed my mind and stay here. Now, since they don’t want to do something about the toilet I’m going to move. That’s why I entitled this post "cheap landlord". I know the responsibilities of the landlord and also the responsibilities of a tenant and the laws for both of them. But I’m not going to cry to the authorities about it. That is not my speed. I figure let them lose $595 a month because I would not be the only one moving because of the toilet. This apartment empty for 1 months would be a loss of 595.00 and maybe more for the cost of a lousy toilet fix of $300. It seems like backwards thinking to me. Cheap, but not smart in the long run.

That is my rant of the day.

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